EVERYTHING QUEUED! too upset to blog. i'll do my best to keep up. thank you.
Your first sea of lights
Your first large-scaled fan greeting
Well done, boys 
We are One!

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lulu19420 | do not edit.

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9/???? hair styles and colours of osh

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140413 Exo - Hello! (Greeting Party in Japan)

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sehun pants were unbuttoned o.O

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I don’t like to waste energy on having facial expressions in public. 

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OT12 in Japan

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sehun was the first one to do the traditional bow then other members started following him to bow

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yixing asked the fans to guess who took this photo and eventually revealed that it was baekhyun who took the photo.

he said that he has a similar photo of baekhyun like this, but with lesser clothes and he playfully said he won’t reveal it.

kai said that he has this type of pictures of the members like that too.


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Dyodoro being cute after slaying

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taohun here, taohun there

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