hi lovelies!
if you read this then my queue has run empty and I’m most likely sleeping after drowning myself with eyedrops.

take good care of your health! I will catch up with ya later ❤️

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Panda’s guide on how to stay entertained at the airport!

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The stage is yours, Oh Sehun.

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kyungsoo - “cart” movie trailer 

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Vid cr:  도자이 dorzai

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AngelasEyes1106 | do not edit

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tao chose baekhyun as the prettiest one if they were female and baekhyun’s reaction to it

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the first time in tao’s life sehun has called him beautiful

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Me: i'm over my crush
Crush: hey
Me: nvm

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shoutout to the friends that still like me

all two of you

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61/ Yixing gifs: Thank you, for not giving up. You worked hard ♥ - 140827

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Jongdae hugging Onew and Taemin

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kidhun and his light saber ft. mother

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photo by scarlettx;

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