EVERYTHING QUEUED! too upset to blog. i'll do my best to keep up. thank you.

jongin being a nerd

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before yixing’s unseen photo was revealed

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140413 Tao @ “Hello!” Greeting Party

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Minseok using his kawaiiness to assure his victory (which btw worked) 

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kyungsoo hug attacking and wanting to be picked up by his lulu hyung. (cr)

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do you ever wanna punch zitao really hard???

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everyone: are you okay
everyone: you look tired
everyone: you look upset
everyone: you look confused
everyone: are you mad at me
everyone: what happened to you
everyone: are you sick

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Your first sea of lights
Your first large-scaled fan greeting
Well done, boys 
We are One!

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lulu19420 | do not edit.

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9/???? hair styles and colours of osh

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140413 Exo - Hello! (Greeting Party in Japan)

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