Kyungsoo’s solution to everyone…. 

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when life gives you baekhyun, just let him be until he’s had enough of his own fun.

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Tao injured his finger during the solo stage on the 18/07/14 but still managed to finish the whole performance wonderfully at the end.

The fans were praising him for being professional in such a situation but also worried about the injury. They cheered “Huang Zitao” loudly to show their support but here he is, looking surprise and perplexed like he doesn’t know why or if he deserves any of all this at all.

He didnt take any of this with granted but always being so grateful towards his fans. He always give his all on stage to make us happy. He always want to assure fans he’s fine and we shouldn’t be worry about him, not only onstage but also offstage.

Thank you for being such a precious human being, for your caring towards us fans, for always be the strong individual that is Huang Zitao. [x]

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Byun Baek’s life lessons 101: have patience & never give up.

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The 1993-liners getting all up on each other. <3


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scream my name; I am L A Y

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There is Jongdae and then there is Tao

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(140723) evetuxiaohan: #InstaSize long legs oppa~ 😳😁😁😁😍

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140723 evetuxiaohan: 还有四天🎉

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honey, I don’t think that’s how speakers work …

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Chen showing his headbanging skills

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Anonymous whispered: wow you actually posted a picture without making a fuss….

what can I say, I’m full of surprises

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we were doomed from the start.

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Anonymous whispered: selca ?

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