Tao, Chen and D.O greetings for  jordan kpop lovers.

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I think we all know what yixing is doing in the first gif  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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such a special poop

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junmen was doing the ringdingdong hip thrust dance alone then tao came to him and then idek anymore

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enters like a BAMF, exits like a BAMF

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Cozy Sehun (• ε •) |  Melted Cheese Fantasy 2015 Calendar 

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exoyeah | do not edit.

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✿ Oh Sehun and his fun-sized hyung ✿

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How Lay display his affection + cute Taeyongie

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literally! exo ladies & gentlemen: kim jongdae

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Anonymous whispered: what happened to exo last night at bangkok? did something terrible happen?

It was a fine ass concert. That’s what happened. Yixing’s solo was a killer 😍

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